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Hello wonderful being, 

Pick the Magic Mug that most talk to you, because that is the energy you most need in you present. 

Drink from it every morning, look at it, look how it shines and irradiate the energy that you are looking for. 

Close your eyes and inhale the meaning of the word. Repeat that few times more. Observe your hands holding the mug, observe the letters, the sparkles, the unlimited universe and feel the power that each of the word has. Know that all that is coming to you now. Accept it.

I have created and enchanted each of the mugs for you with the most intentional consciousness energy.


If you are not sure which mug to pick, you can play with my NFT's Snack And Smack Collection enchanted cards to find out what energy you need the most.

Go, play and enjoy.


Choose the Mug that Best Represents You...

Not Sure Which Mug is For You? Choose the All-in-One design!


What is All? All is the sum of everything that exists and can exist in the universe. It encompasses all matter, energy, space, time, spirit, consciousness, and potentialities. Unlock the power of the universe with the All in One mug or tumbler. Crafted from pure golden energy, this mug is sure to bring a bit of magic into your everyday routine.

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